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What is an EPC?
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What is an EPC?

What is an EPC?
An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which gives an indication of the energy performance of a residential property. It is often referred to as an Energy Report in Scotland.

What does it show?
It gives an Energy Efficiency Rating, (often called a SAP or Standard Assessment Procedure Rating), and the likely level of Carbon Dioxide emissions, described as the Environmental Impact Rating (EIR). The SAP rating will range from 1 - 100, with 100 being the most efficient, and a similar rating arrangement for the EIR. The property will be placed in a banding from A – G depending on its’ SAP and EIR ratings

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The SAP Rating is based on standardised levels of heating, lighting and occupancy, which will allow an owner or tenant to compare properties to see which are the most energy efficient.

The completed EPC will also highlight certain improvements the owner may wish to undertake to improve the energy efficiency of the property, such as upgrading the heating system or additional insulation, and will provide indications of the revised potential Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact Ratings should the recommendations be followed.

There is no obligation on the owner to carry out these recommendations, but they are an integral part of the Energy Report and cannot be omitted.

Why is it required?
The requirement for an Energy Performance Certificate is laid down by European Union Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2002/91/EC, and Scotland as part of the UK and European Union must implement this policy by 4th January 2009.

Enforcement of the legislation will be undertaken by local authorities, and financial penalties can be imposed on Landlords who fail to comply. Energy Reports can only be produced by qualified and accredited assessors through a protocol arrangement with the Scottish Government, and all Energy Performance Certificates Glasgow Ltd’s assessors have obtained the required accreditation.

Who can produce an Energy Performance Certificate?
Only members of a protocol organization approved by the Scottish Building Standards Agency on behalf of the Scottish Government can issue certificates in Scotland. All EPC Glasgow’s assessors are accredited by Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd under these arrangements. Details of the surveyors accreditation will appear on the completed EPC.

How long do they take to produce?
Our survey is non destructive (i.e. there is no need to drill holes in walls or lift floorboards, etc.), but to ensure that a survey is carried out satisfactorily, access will be required to all rooms within the property, including any loft areas or basements (if any), all heating and hot water systems, and the location of utility meters. Provided the necessary access is freely available, the survey should be conducted within an hour.

The data collected will then be input to a computer programme at our office and the completed Energy Report delivered to you. We are normally able to supply the Energy Performance Certificate within three working days of completion our survey.

What do I do with the Certificate?
A copy of the EPC must be made available by the Landlord, free of charge, to any prospective tenant prior to the commencement of a tenancy. A copy must remain on view within the property in a position where it is readily accessible, protected from the weather and not easily obscured. Within a utility meter cupboard is suggested as a suitable location.

How long is the EPC valid?
The EPC will be valid for 10 years. Should improvements be made to the energy efficiency of the property during this period, then it will be at the owners’ discretion whether to update the EPC. However, it is likely that as public awareness of energy certification increases, poor energy performance ratings may impact on future rental values.

Will anyone else have access to the information?
Details of the information contained within the EPC will be recorded on a central government database, the Home Energy Efficiency Database (HEED). The cost of this registration is included within our fee.